26 Human Respiration

26 Human Respiration - Biology with Calculators 26 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Biology with Calculators 26 - 1 Experiment 26 Monitoring Human Respiration Your respiratory system allows you to obtain oxygen, eliminate carbon dioxide, and regulate the blood’s pH level. The process of taking in air is known as inspiration , while the process of blowing out air is called expiration . A respiratory cycle consists of one inspiration and one expiration. The rate at which your body performs a respiratory cycle is dependent on the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood. You will learn how to use the Respiration Monitor Belt to monitor the respiratory patterns of one member of your group. A Respiration Monitor Belt will be strapped around the test subject and connected to a Gas Pressure Sensor. When the test subject inspires, the air pressure in the bladder of the Respiration Monitor Belt will decrease. When that same air is expired, the air pressure in the bladder will increase. This pressure is measured by the Gas Pressure Sensor and converted into a respiratory rate by the data-collection program. 1. Figure 1 MATERIALS LabPro or CBL 2 interface Vernier Respiration Monitor Belt TI Graphing Calculator Styrofoam cup DataMate program plastic 10-gallon garbage bag Vernier Gas Pressure Sensor 26 - 2 Biology with Calculators Experiment 26 PROCEDURE 1. If your Gas Pressure Sensor has a blue plastic valve on it, place the valve in the position shown in Figure 2. 2. Plug the Gas Pressure Sensor into Channel 1 of the LabPro or CBL 2 interface. Use the link cable to connect the TI Graphing Calculator to the interface. Firmly press in the cable ends. 3. Turn on the calculator and start the DATAMATE program. Press CLEAR to reset the program. 4. Set up the calculator and interface for the Respiration Monitor Belt a. Select SETUP from the main screen. b. Press ENTER to select CH 1. c. Select RESPIRATION from the SELECT SENSOR menu. 5. Set up the data-collection mode. d. To select MODE, press Use Word 6.0c or later to view Macintosh picture. (the up arrow key) once and press ENTER . e. Select TIME GRAPH from the SELECT MODE menu. f. Select CHANGE TIME SETTINGS from the TIME GRAPH SETTINGS menu. g. Enter “10” as the time between samples in seconds. h. Enter “18” as the number of samples (data will be collected for 3 minutes). i. Select OK to return to the setup screen....
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26 Human Respiration - Biology with Calculators 26 1...

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