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1DNA_chromosomes problem set

1DNA_chromosomes problem set - 5’ and 3’ ends of each...

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DNA/Chromosome Problem Set 1. Given the following segment of DNA, write the sequence of its complimentary strand? 5’ - GACCCTTCGACCACG - 3’ 2. If the GC content of a sample of double-stranded DNA is 54%, a. what would be the AT content? b. what would be the proportion of each nucleotide (G, A, C, and T)? hint: think complimentary base pairing 3. Draw a double-stranded, DNA molecule based on the sequence below, showing positions of the deoxyribose sugars, phosphate groups, and bases (use the letters S, P, and A, G, T, or C respectively). Label which bonds are which and indicate which ones are strongest.
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Unformatted text preview: 5’ and 3’ ends of each strand must be labeled. 5’ - ATACGT - 3’ 3’ - TATGCA - 5’ 4. Draw a replicated, metaphase chromosome, labeling the sister chromatids, centromere, and telomeres. 5. How many total chromosomes are there in the nucleus of a typical adult human cell? A human gamete? A human zygote? An Indian muntjac (a type of deer) gamete? 6. What is the relationship between chromosomes and DNA? If there are 10, non-replicated chromosomes in a cell, how many double-stranded DNA molecules will there be? What about for a cell with 10 replicated chromosomes?...
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