6GeneExpression - Heredity (BIOL 303) Gene Expression...

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Heredity (BIOL 303) Gene Expression Problem Set 1. In a certain species of plant, the flower petals are normally purple. Two unique plants were discovered, one with red flowers, one with purple. It was found that these two plants have a recessive mutation in two separate genes (gene A and gene B). The wildtype alleles are symbolized with capital letters, lowercase for the mutant alleles. Biochemists working on the synthesis of flower pigments in this species have described the following biochemical pathway. If both genes are expressed and both pigments are produced, the phenotype is purple (mixture of red and blue). Red pigment Colorless pigment precursor Blue pigment a. Which enzymes must be active in order to produce purple pigment? b. Which mutant phenotype (blue or red) would you expect to be deficient in enzyme A activity? c. Given a plant with the genotype A/a.B/b, what would you expect its flower-color phenotype to be? d.
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6GeneExpression - Heredity (BIOL 303) Gene Expression...

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