BIOL303Fall2011Syllabus - BIOL303 Heredity, Fall 2011...

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BIOL303 – Heredity, Fall 2011 Instructor: Dr. Russell Pfau Office: Science 213H Phone: 254-968-9761 Email: Office hours: 10-10:50 AM TR, by appt., or drop in Web site: Lecture times: 11am – 12:15 pm TR Textbook: Some good options include Modern Genetic Analysis (Griffiths 2002; a good majors text) or Human Heredity (Cummings 2008; a good non-majors text). For help in solving problems I recommend How to Solve Genetics Problems (Nickla 2010). Relevant textbook chapters for these texts are given below in the Lecture Topic Schedule. Course Overview: Heredity is the study of inheritance, or more broadly, the study of genetics. In this course, we will explore everything from the molecular structure and inheritance of DNA to the use of genetic methods in the rapidly expanding field of DNA technology and the genetic basis of cancer. The laboratory will provide hands-on experience with concepts discussed in lecture. For this course, I strongly recommend that you abandon the ‘memorize-it-and-forget-it’ approach to learning because new topics build on your understanding of previous topics. Knowledge Outcomes: 1. Describe the history of genetics and its value in today’s society 2. Describe the physical nature of DNA, genes, genomes, and chromosomes 3. Explain the role of genes in creating the phenotype 4. Explain the role of DNA replication, mitosis, and meiosis in inheritance 5. Interpret patterns of gene expression and inheritance, including pedigrees 6. Describe population-level patterns of genetic variation and the mechanisms of evolution 7. Explain how cell division is regulated and understand the causes of cancer Exams: There will be four lecture exams, including the semi-comprehensive final. The final exam will test your knowledge of some new material in addition to the major concepts of genetics that were covered during the semester. Scheduling conflicts must be discussed with me prior to the exam; otherwise the only acceptable reason for not taking the exam at the scheduled date and time is a University-authorized absence
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BIOL303Fall2011Syllabus - BIOL303 Heredity, Fall 2011...

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