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Unformatted text preview: Find That Gene! Locate the gene within the DNA sequence below by identifying and labeling the regulatory sequences and transcriptional and translational landmarks. Note: geneticists (and their students) read genes 5’ to 3’ as standard practiceuthe cell’s machinery, however, may be reading the complimentary sequence on the other strand, but that’s their problem and shouldn’t concern you. Identify the following features on the DNA sequence and label as indicated: 1. label each DNA strand as either template or non-template 2. label the promoter sequence on the DNA (look for 5 ’-TATA-3 ’) 3. place an arrow at the DNA nucleotide representing the transcription start site (the first nucleotide transcribed) 4. place an arrow at the DNA nucleotide representing the transcription stop site (the last nucleotide transcribed) 5. fill in the missing RNA nucleotides in the mRNA sequence 6. circle the start codon (on the mRNA and DNA) and set the reading frame by underlining each subsequent triplet 7. place a square around the stop codon on the mRNA and DNA 8. bracket the coding region on both the DNA and RNA 9. label the UTRs (untranslated regions) of the mRNA 10. underline and label the pon(A) signal (on both the DNA and mRNA) 11. write the amino acid sequence oft hwlypegide (use the standard three letter abbreviations) +9” JrTJw whom J W ILA-wimp .323? DNA trots? '" ‘r [a J/ l ”pm 5’ ...TCTATAAAAGTACCCGTCTTGGGA TG‘GTTATGCCG..- ..ATCGATTTCATC GGTAACCCCAAATAAACTGCAAC... 3’ 3 ’ ..AGATATTTTCATGGGCAGAACCCT A AATACGGC ..... TAGCTAAAGTAGET CCATTGGGGTTTATTTGACGTTG... 5\ ’ l 4‘4”?” mRNA (note: it is vertically aligned with DNA sequence above for ease of comparison) 1L (M I r C. 1 5'UCUUGGGijn-C‘iL—‘5L—“ffi3 ...... if i—Qiqliétfif—fi‘i‘ “‘3‘ gliAACCCCAAAPUAAACUGC 3' EVA.“ \ MM)! . {AT 4'. R. Polypeptlde “Wt :0 if“ s :5 A Loci-0h t_____#_.\,_.——___~_; mT—Uég‘mi‘ffia--. I‘Lfi'i—irP-Pkc- Ila. ULTK ...
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