Glaciers - End moraine Terminal moraine Recessional moraine...

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Chapter 18 Glaciers and Glaciation Glacier – mass of ice that moves downhill under its own weight. Snow → Granular snow → Firn (granular ice) → Glacial ice The older the ice is, the deeper it is in the glacier, the larger its crystals are. Zone of accumulation Zone of wastage Surge Calving Plastic flow Basal slip Abrasion Plucking Continental glaciers Ice sheet Ice cap Ice shelf – feature created where glacial ice has flowed into the adjacent ocean. Crevasse – crack in top surface of a glacier. Alpine (valley) glaciers U-shaped valley (glacial trough) Cirque Horn Arête Main [trunk] glacier
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Tributary glacier Truncated spur Tarn Pater noster lakes Hanging valley Roche moutonnée Depositional features Till Glacial erratic Outwash plain Often has braided streams Moraines Ground moraine Lateral moraine Medial moraine
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Unformatted text preview: End moraine Terminal moraine Recessional moraine Drumlin Esker Kame Kettle Ice age time period in which the earths climate is cooler and glaciers cover considerably more of the earths land surfaces than usual. Possible causes of glaciation Milankovitch cycles variations in the earths orbit. Probably a minor influence. Variations in the shape of the earths orbit around the sun (elliptical) Changes in the angle of the tilt of the earths axis Wobbling of the earth on its axis (precession, like a top) Location of continents near poles (plate tectonics) Ocean circulation/current patterns (plate tectonics and water properties) Reflectance of materials on the earths surface (heat radiated back into space)...
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Glaciers - End moraine Terminal moraine Recessional moraine...

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