MassWasting - Complex movement – mass wasting event...

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Chapter 15 Mass Wasting: The Work of Gravity Mass wasting has helped shape the landscape we have today. It is a natural process, and is in most cases beyond the control of humans. Mass wasting – downslope movement of material. Material moves under the influence of gravity. Speed is not important. Types of mass wasting Slump Curved surface Involves a coherent block of material rotating [down] along curved surface Often leaves a SCARP. Slide Coherent block of material slides along a planar surface Flow Chaotic movement Fall Block is not in contact with the ground during its downhill movement. Most common example is a rock ledge collapsing. Rock simply falls. Creep – most expensive type of mass wasting May take years to recognize Things that signal creep is occurring: Bent tree trunks Tilted telephone poles, fence posts, headstones Crumbling retaining walls Cracked roads and sidewalks
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Unformatted text preview: Complex movement – mass wasting event begins as one type, ends as another Causes of mass wasting Water saturation Removal of vegetation (natural like fire, or by man like deforestation) Oversteepened slopes Angle of repose – steepest angle to which you can stack a material Earthquakes Other definitions Talus Solifluction Permafrost Lahar Prevention or minimization of damage and loss of life from mass wasting Don’t build where there are mass wasting hazards Dewatering pipes Decreasing the slope angle by removing material Rock bolts “Avalanche tunnels” Retaining walls or barricades Wire mesh In the end, there’s not much we can do to stop large mass wasting events. They’ve always been a part of nature and will always continue to be. Some events are too big for us to control, and often the events occur with little or no warning....
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MassWasting - Complex movement – mass wasting event...

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