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306lab6 - 7 Cat Skeleton 4 Bowfin Skull 4 Alligator Skull 5...

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BIOLOGY 306 COMPARATIVE VERTEBRATE ANATOMY LAB #6 Skeletal Systems: Mammals Quiz - Canid Skull I. SKELETAL SYSTEM: Class Mammalia A. Cat: Skull and postcranial skeleton. Mammalian skull bones will be learned on the coyote skull. However, also learn the names of the bones on the exploded view of a cat skull, especially the ethmoid bone. For the limb bones, learn the individual bones proximal to the carpals and tarsals, including the bones associated with the girdles. In addition to the actual names of the bones, differentiate left from right. For the vertebral column, know the atlas and axis, and be able to differentiate cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and caudal vertebral elements, as well as the sacrum. B. CANID SKULL learn all labels. Also note canid atlas and axis. LAB PRACTICAL #2 Approximate number of questions from each specimen type. Lab 4 Lab 5 Lab 6 2 Shark 2 Necturus 7 - Canid Skull 4 - Gar Skull 5 - Turtle Skull & Skeleton
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Unformatted text preview: 7 - Cat Skeleton 4 - Bowfin Skull 4 - Alligator Skull 5 - Fish Skull & 3 - Emu Skull Skeleton 4 - Bird Skeleton 3 – Frog KEY TO BONES, REGIONS, AND STRUCTURES OF THE COYOTE SKULL 1. premaxilla 24. foramen magnum 2. palatal foramen 25. paroccipital process 3. nasal 26. auditory bulla (tympanic bone) 4. maxilla 27. mandibular fossa 5. frontal 28. infraorbital foramen 6. postorbital process 29. lacrimal bone 7. temporal ridge 30. sagittal crest 8. parietal 31. orbitosphenoid 9. jugal 32. external auditory meatus 10. zygomatic process of jugal 33. interparietal 11. squamosal 12. temporal fossa Teeth 13. orbit A. incisor 14. palatine B. canine 15. vomer C. premolar 16. presphenoid D. molar 17. pterygoid 18. basisphenoid Dentary 19. alisphenoid E. ramus 20. alisphenoid canal F. coronoid process 21. basioccipital G. masseteric fossa 22. occipital H. mandibular condyle 23. occipital condyle I. angular process...
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306lab6 - 7 Cat Skeleton 4 Bowfin Skull 4 Alligator Skull 5...

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