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BIOL309 LAB11 BIOLOGY 306 COMPARATIVE ANATOMY LAB # 11 ANATOMY OF THE CAT: Urogenital System Quiz Diagrams: Fig. 38.4 and 38.5 (P. 374) I. ANATOMY OF THE CAT Urogenital System, Ch. 38, p. 371-380 Find the following structures: URINARY SYSTEM - KIDNEY AND DUCTS Kidney hilus renal cortex renal medulla renal papilla renal pelvis renal sinus Ureters
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Unformatted text preview: Urinary bladder fundus vertex (neck) Urethra REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM: FEMALE Ovaries Oviducts (uterine tubes) Uterus uterine horns body of the uterus Vagina urogenital sinus REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM: MALE Testes scrotum spermatic cords Epididymis head body tail Vas (Ductus) deferens Prostate gland Penis glans penis prepuce Bulbourethral glands...
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