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Rules and Safety Regulations for the Equine Center

Rules and Safety Regulations for the Equine Center - 9 Do...

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Rules and Safety Regulations for the Equine Center Common Courtesy is the Key! 1. Park only in designated areas. Do not park or drive on grass areas. 2. You must be dressed to work horses – no sandals, tennis shoes, shorts, skirts, baggy pants, loose or low cut tops, etc. Boots, or sturdy shoes, and long pants are required! 3. Leather gloves may help prevent hand injuries. 4. Protective headgear is available and students are strongly encouraged to use these when riding (especially young horses) and breeding horses. 5. Do not ride any horse, or use any University equipment or tack unless you have permission from the instructor or Manager. 6. Do not ride in the barns or sidewalks at any time. Care should be taken when riding across the parking lot. Students are encouraged to dismount and lead horses across the parking lot. 7. A minimum of two people must be present anytime horses are being worked, caught, etc. 8. Do not catch any horse without authorization from an instructor or the Manager.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Do not take horses away from the designated working area without approval, them you must go in pairs for safety. 10. Do not perform any procedure, health, training, etc., on any University horse without approval from an Instructor or the Manager. 11. Keep all gates closed!!!!!! 12. Offices, private tack rooms, and the apartment are off limits to students without authorization. 13. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises. 14. No pets are allowed outside of your car. The bed of a pickup is outside the car. 15. Place all trash in proper containers. 16. Clean up after your horse in alleyways, stocks, and wash racks. 17. Always return horse to the pasture, pen or stall where they cam from. If you don’t know, ASK! 18. Report any sick or injured horses to your lab Instructor or the Manager. 19. Horses must be thoroughly cooled before being put up. 20. Clean and return all University owned equipment and tack to its proper location immediately after use....
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