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VC DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS REVISED FALL 2010 MATHEMATICS SYLLABUS WORKSHEET Your course: Math V meets on at . Your name: (course number) (days of week) (start time) 1. What is the course instructor’s name (first and last)? 2. When and where is “Homework Club” (office hours) held? 3. What are the dates of both drop deadlines (drop without W, drop without F) for the course? 4. On what date is the final examination given? At what time? Where? 5. How many hours should you expect to study outside of class for this course each week? 6. What is the most effective single method you can use to enhance your comprehension and understanding for this class? 7. What is the single best method to prepare for chapter tests?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. How many points is each chapter test worth? 9. Do you earn extra points toward your grade for good attendance? 10. Can you lose points if a classmate copies part of your exam? 11. The instructor is likely to drop you from the course if you miss more than class meetings. 12. How many of the lowest chapter test score(s) does the instructor drop? 13. Can you make up a missed chapter test if you get a doctor’s note? 14. Is the use of calculators permitted during chapter tests? 15. List at least four items you are required to bring to each examination. (When completed, please submit this worksheet to the instructor to earn up to 15 points toward your course grade)...
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