23-fernsallilout - 1. heterosporous microsporophylls...

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AG V03/BIOL V23 Plant Biology Lecture: Seedless Vascular Plants I. Trends in early vascular plants A. generation B. gametophyte C. spores D. sperm dispersal E. sperm F. plant organs develop/change G. vascular tissue develops II. P: Rhyniophyta III. P: Lycopodiophyta A. Lycopodium homosporous sporophylls strobili microphylls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3ChXba3dus B. Selaginella
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Unformatted text preview: 1. heterosporous microsporophylls microsporangia microspores megasporophylls megasporangia megaspores Selaginella lepidophylla C. Isoetes IV. Ferns or not? A. (former P: )Psilophyta Psilotum , Tmesipteris enations B. (former P Sphenophyta Equisetum V. P: Pteridophyta prothallus sorus indusium megaphylls crozier = fiddleneck...
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23-fernsallilout - 1. heterosporous microsporophylls...

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