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AG V03/BIOL V23 Alternate Assignment for Beylik Farms FT Type the answers to these questions about hydroponics (use full sentences and proper grammar) and list all sources of information used for each question. 1) What is “hydroponics”? What are the modern variations of it for commercial agriculture? 2) Historically speaking, what are the different materials that have been used around the roots (in sequence)? 3) How many acres are used for hydroponics world-wide? In the US? 4) What are the top 4 crops for hydroponics in the US? What level of productivity is seen in these systems (quote numbers, please) 5) What is the size of a typical facility in the US? What is the name and location of the largest one in the county? 6) How is hydroponics similar and how is it different from “organic” farming?
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Unformatted text preview: 7) Who are the ancient peoples who may have used more-or-less this method of agriculture (give at least 3 examples)? 8) Name 3 other countries where hydroponics are used and list their most important crops. 9) What is aquaponics? What is aquaculture? How are these related to hydroponics? 10) Who were the 2 authors of "The Water Culture Method for Growing Plants Without Soil," and why was this an important publication? 11) What are the titles of 5 unique (i.e., not related to another) published works on hydroponics available on the Internet? With what aspect of hydroponics is each specifically concerned? 12) Besides the actual hydroponic farms, what other businesses are hydroponics-related (give 5 different examples; state the name of each company and what it does)....
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