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First Flavor Case Study: Strategic Market Planning First Flavor had just completed product development of its marketing services product, the Peel ’n Taste marketing system. This product provides marketers, for the first time, with the ability to use the sense of taste to market a consumer product. The company’s technology allows it to infuse virtually any taste onto an edible flavor strip (a la popular breath strips). The consumer can “sample” the product – whether it’s fruit juice, toothpaste, frozen desserts, or any beverage – simply by plucking a strip from a dispenser in a grocery aisle or peeling one off a magazine ad. The strip completely dissolves on the tongue and provides a realistic approximation of what the item will taste like. This new taste sampling vehicle had the potential to be for the food an beverage industry what Scratch ’n Sniff was for the fragrance industry; it’s a way to sample a sensory attribute without actually purchasing the product! Better yet, it could be included in any printed marketing media. As First Flavor started to see its first sales of Peel ‘n Taste from consumer product
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2.+First+Flavor+Case-Strategic+Planning - First Flavor Case...

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