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General Mills: Product Strategy David Clark is vice president, Big G Adult Cereals at General Mills. He is responsible for leading the development and execution of growth strategies for several iconic brands including Wheaties, Total, Chex, and Fiber One. Fiber One cereal was launched in 1985. One of the first high-fiber cereals on the market, the product delivered 57 percent of one’s daily value of fiber per bowl. It gained a small but intensely loyal following of older consumers who often learned about the brand from a doctor or pharmacist. Fiber One sat quietly on the shelf as an average performer until 2002. Then the Atkins Diet generated a lot of interest in fiber as a tool to offset carbohydrate levels in foods. Fiber One sales started to grow. In the years following, increased coverage in the media and medical community about the benefits of fiber increased consumer awareness and interest in the nutrient.
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