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1. Amino Acids- What are they used for? 2. Most foods contain all of the essential amino acids? 3. In a vegetarian diet, What 2 foods give complete protein? 4. Name the essential Amino Acids? Matt V Phill 5. How much weight should you lose in a week if you are on a diet? 6. Energy Bars. 7. What is the nitrogen equilibrium? 8. What is the absorption of amino acids? 9. What is the protein intake of people in the USA 10. Kuashiskar? Malnutrition in kids. 11. Why can’t mother’s breast feed from two babies after the first is born?
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Unformatted text preview: 12. In order to make protein in the body, what is needed? 13. What sports should carbo load? 14. What should athletes eat for their pre-game meal 15. How much water do athletes need? 16. How much protein do endurance athletes need? 17. In order to lose weight, how many calories do we need to burn off? 18. What is the best way for nutritional status in women? 19....
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