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Nutrition during Pregnancy Risk Factors - Consult with professional before taking any medications - 25-30 lbs- weight gain for mothers - Cut down on caffeine - Do not drink alcohol - Stop smoking - 2 weeks after- critical period- events that occur only during that time - All women of childbearing age should consume .4 mg of folic acid/day to reduce risk of baby born with neural effects - WIC Program- women who need help can go to the WIC feeding program - Who in class went to the WIC program?? The 9 year old - Iron is a big problem. . why?? Most females in the USA do not get enough iron, so without iron, the baby does not get iron. - The baby averages size of 7 ½ pounds. Placenta is 1 lb. Increase in the uterus size. Breast size increases. - Lactation- breast feeding. Fresh and safe. Cuddling for the baby - When do you start breast feeding?? A couple days after birth
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Unformatted text preview: -How long do you breast feed?? The baby knows when he/she has had enough. The baby should stop being breast fed at about 6 months.-Does it hurt?? No, the baby does not have teeth.-Can you breast feed twins?? Yes, but you have to be good at it. .-When you go to bottle feeding, cuddle with the baby. DO NOT PROP THE BOTTLE-Father cannot breastfeed o Infant Nutrition-By day 2 or 3, infants need food-Baby birth weight doubles in 3-4 mo, and triples before 1 year-Infants need fat in diet.-Infants need iron and fluoride early on. Vitamin D-First 4-6 Months. .-First food should be rice cereal. This is because it is the least allergenic.-Vegetables come right after rice cereal. Do not feed them fruits second, because they are sweet.-Common allergies are: nuts, eggs, milk, soy.-...
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