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paper #2 wrt 205 - Adam Bottorff Sec 144 (1245-205) March...

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Adam Bottorff March 2 nd , 2010 Sec 144 (1245-205) Mrs. Sweeney Heroes: Straight and Gay When growing up we usually look at a hero or role model in one particular way. Even though everyone has differences we usually look at someone who is a hero in a special way. Whether that way is because of their strength, bravery, or courage, we can all say we have a hero. Some hero’s are of different race, ethnicity, belief system and gender, but most, if not all are straight. It is rare to hear people call someone who is homosexual, a hero. In a sociological world, we may look at gays or homosexuals as inferior or “queer” to everyone else. What we do not understand, is that every type of people have heroes. Homosexuality is a big subject and discussion in the United States, but to the people who have came out free, they may and very well could be heroes. They lead by example, and show that by hiding an image is not the right way to live a life. Heroes, such as Brian from Queer as Folk, shows people that, yes, you can be gay and also be a hero and role model to others. Joanne Di Mattia, who has written an article on gay heroism, clearly shows how Brian is a hero in Queer as Folk. Brian is the main character of the show and is usually the center of attention. He is superior to mostly any other character in the episodes, and has good relationships with them all. He is very dynamic, as he is able to get along with many different types of people. Joanne describes him just like any other hero. She says that he has marked out from society,
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paper #2 wrt 205 - Adam Bottorff Sec 144 (1245-205) March...

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