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Writing proposal - I think this would be an interesting...

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Adam Bottorff 4/10/10 Section 144- Sweeney Research Proposal Acceptance of homosexuals in athletics In professional sports, there are many athletes who are against homosexuality. With this said, it leaves many athletes kept in the closet and they are not able to fully express themselves. I would like to find out how many athletes in the major sports have pronounced themselves as homosexuals. Also, with those athletes who do come out of the closet, I would like to know how there life has changed not only in athletics, but outside of their respective sports. The few athletes that are gay believe that “sporting a society tolerant of homosexuals would achieve greater results in the competitive area”. I would like to find out why so many athletes are homophobic, and why society does not accept gay athletes.
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Unformatted text preview: I think this would be an interesting topic to research because of my interest in sports. I can see from a viewing standpoint, that there are not many openly gay athletes, and it is a problem in all sports. I can see why not many athletes would want to come out, because sports are such a big competition, with the image of being tough and strong. I have also noticed that in women’s sports, it is more accepted to be homosexual than in men’s sports. The main purpose of this research project is to know from why athletes cannot act like there selves in the game of competition. I believe that if more people come out and express their sexuality, than it would help all sports. It is hard enough to accept homosexuality in any situation; but even harder to accept it in athletic competition....
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