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outline- english - How do other Athletes feel about...

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Introduction Gay Athletes in America Numbers, Names, Players Change of Life How has life changed for these athletes If athletes view or have said anything about them for coming out Society in Sports Competition may be a reason Boys are meant to be tough and strong With society the way it is, there has to be more gays that are closeted due to embarrassment How Athletes feel about homosexuality Athletes that are homosexuals Give percentage Former athletes John Ammechi- First NBA Player How they feel and what they think the problem may be why other athletes haven’t came out Change of Life How did players live in the locker room after they came out. How fans and family reacted How their game performance changed. If those athletes promote homosexuality
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Unformatted text preview: How do other Athletes feel about homosexuality Do they feel its good or bad for the sport? How they feel playing and in the locker room with homosexuals? Other facts, information that would suit this topic Society with Athletics and Sports Does Society have an impact on Sports and homosexuality The vision of males being strong and competitive nature in sports Other normals in society need to be discussed Conclusion Conclude why I think athletes cannot act themselves even if they are gay in athletics Give conclusion that there are many more gay athletes out there Conclude that if more people come out, it could help out sports and the competition...
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outline- english - How do other Athletes feel about...

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