Sountrack of My Life

Sountrack of My Life - Adam Bottorff 9/4/10 Writing 307...

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Adam Bottorff 9/4/10 Writing 307 Soundtrack Lifestyle Dictated by Music Music plays a role in about everyone’s life at one point or another. Music can be part of critical times, mood changes, specific activities, or just listened to for free leisure. Some people look into music as a way of life, and read into the lyrics of what the meaning behind each song really is. Others just listen to music because of the melody, flow of the song and rhythm. No matter what reason people listen to music, it plays a role in that person’s life one way or another. With thousands of songs over the years, it was very difficult to narrow songs down to just five. There are many songs that have played a big role in my life, whether it’s from sport music, to leisure music, relaxing music or party music. After going through my iPod and many songs, I feel that the five songs I chose all have special meaning and have been a big part of my life one way or another. These songs include artists like NAS, Eminem, Drake, Dave Matthews and Fresh Prince. The title “Lifestyle Dictated by Music” was chosen because each song I chose has been a part of my lifestyle and had an impact on my life. The first song that I chose is the theme song from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I chose this song because this song represents my entertainment when I was a child. Fresh Prince was my favorite television show growing up and I still watch episodes today. It means a lot because when I watched that show and heard the opening song, it was a time for relaxation. During high school I would watch Fresh Prince every night on Nickelodeon at Night, before I went to sleep. This
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Sountrack of My Life - Adam Bottorff 9/4/10 Writing 307...

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