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Adam Bottorff 9/11/10 IST 444 Mr. Peruta Why the Saints Will Not Re-Peat I. Tougher Schedule A. Away Games against Baltimore, Arizona, Dallas Cincinnati. II. They will get everyone’s best shot. A. Being the Super bowl champs, everyone will play there hardest against them. 1. They have a target on their back III. Distractions A. Media distractions, more people with all the eyes on them B. All stadiums they play in will be sold out C. The players will be asked to do a lot more things than just play football 1. Commercials 2. Advertisements
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Interviews, Pre-Post game shows IV. Madden Curse A. Drew Brees is on Madden 2011 cover B. Many players have been injured, or had down years when they have been on cover a. Troy Polamalu- Played in only five games with Steelers b. Brett Favre- Fights with the packers, traded to jets where he lost 4 out of final five games to miss playoffs. c. Shaun Alexander (2007)- Missed six games. Fewer yards in 07 than any year d. Donovan McNabb (2006)- missed 7 games. Fights with Terell Owens...
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