KPI-Energy - Energy Honeywell international (HON)

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Energy Honeywell international (HON) energy-utilities.aspx\ module/ Smart Grid- GE vs. Honeywell Smart Grid GE- 1. Reliable: Smarter networks, focused maintenance, better understanding and greater load control 2. Efficient: Solutions that help lower delivery losses in transmission and distribution, and technologies that anticipate and monitor demand 3. Productive: Asset monitoring, management, maintenance and optimization solutions 4. Clean: Our efficiency technologies reduce waste in the system 5. Consumer Empowering: For the first time in 100+ years of an electrified world, consumers finally understand their energy consumption patterns 6. Load-Smoothing: GE offers demand response solutions, consumer empowerment tools and voltage reducing Volt/VAR technologies 7. Secure: GE is employing technology and protocols to help ensure data transmitted across the smart grid remains private 8. Cost Effective: GE's smart grid solutions deliver payback in efficiency, reliability, capital-cost reduction and asset utilization Honeywell Solar SmartGrid PV AC Module No High DC Voltage Risks The Solar SmartGrid System eliminates DC installation hazards by incorporating the micro-inverter into the module's junction box. Standard DC string voltages can reach up to 600VDC. Solar SmartGrid System' string voltages are always 120VAC. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) To increase output performance, each PV AC solar module is equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology. The feature optimizes the module's energy output under various conditions including varying sunlight angles, shade and temp. SmartGrid Systems are Expandable The Solar SmartGrid PVAC Solar modules are individual
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KPI-Energy - Energy Honeywell international (HON)

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