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mas extra credit - also shows that the Toronto Blue Jays...

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Adam Bottorff 5/5/10 Stats Extra Credit The Die Hard Index This graph is trying to show the percentage and the numbers of how MLB stadiums are doing with attendance. They have used a certain formula that gives a percentage so that all teams are on a equal playing field for attendance. Due to capacity size, wins and losses, and cost per ticket, this formula shows what teams do the best by filling up the seats. They used both relative frequency with the high cost index, home game loss, and attendance percentage. They used frequency numbers for price per ticket, DHI and Per cap income. The graph is from a pie chart and the colors for the teams dictate which league they are in (American or National). With all of the calculations the graph shows that the Chicago Cubs have the best fans and the highest DHI. It
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Unformatted text preview: also shows that the Toronto Blue Jays have the lowest fan attendance and weakest fan base. Besides the pie chart, it can also make a histogram by showing the mode median and mean of attendance percentage in Major League stadiums. This histogram would be skewed left because more teams occupy an attendance larger than the mean. This graph at first seems a bit hard to understand, especially if you are not a baseball fan. The formula they made up was very confusing but it does show what teams have the best fans. Because so many teams are so close in location, it is also hard to read the graph. I think for an improvement they could change it from a pie chart to a bar graph to make it easier to read....
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mas extra credit - also shows that the Toronto Blue Jays...

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