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Stuart Ishimaru Stuart Ishimaru, who is a native of San Jose, California, received his A.B. in Political Science and in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley, and his law degree from the George Washington University. He came into his office in 2003, after George Bush nominated him and he was recommended by Senate democrat leader Tom Daschle. He is now on his second term of office after he has been recommended by Senate democratic leader Harry Reid. Stuart’s second term ends on July 1 st , 2012. President Barack Obama designated him as acting chairman of the commission in 2009. This job entailed rebuilding the EEOC, which was originally underfunded and under staffed. When he took his office, the EEOC recorded high budgets and he started an aggressive hiring scheme to help increase front line enforcement staff. He also gave in many resources into a multi-million dollar training effort, which was the largest the agency had conducted in ten years. This was to help the EEOC employees with essential
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