SHR 462 Final Paper

SHR 462 Final Paper - Adam Bottorff SHR 462 Fall 2011...

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Adam Bottorff 12/2/11 SHR 462: Fall 2011 Interview Leadershship Self-Study Assignment On the first day of class I filled out what leadership position I would like to attain in the future. I wrote down to do something with aeronautics, air traffic control or aviation management. I went to the airport to see if I can interview a pilot, but because of security I was unable too. Then I went over to the tower at Hancock International, but I needed a special pass and because of FAA regulations, I again was unable to conduct an interview. I went into a different direction then to conduct an interview. If I cannot be in the aviation industry, my other passion is to start some type of business and become an entrepreneur. I ended up going to the career center and I found a student who is in graduate school at Syracuse University who has created his own company and has had a successful start. Ryan Dickerson, who is from Beaufort, South Carolina went to Syracuse University as an undergraduate student majoring in Economics and Finance. Prior to Syracuse University, he was just a normal high school student who always had a passion for learning and pushing himself. He was not the quarterback of the football team, the most popular in school, but he was a 4.0 student who mined his own business with his own group of friends. His father who was a car dealer was one of his main role models. The work ethic and passion his father put into his car business, was something that Ryan wanted to have in the future with his career. He worked under his father, only in the back rooms, filing papers, cleaning floors and doing the “dirty work” for minimal wage. Doing this, Ryan quickly realized he would never want to do this again and hoped to do well at Syracuse University to take over his father’s business in the future. Being an only child, he said that he didn’t have anyone to compare himself too or push him to become better, so he watched his father and tried to become more like him. While moving in to Haven Hall, he quickly realized how small the residence hall rooms were with limited space. With a crunched up room, and many supplies in his room, he had the feeling that there would be no room any social interactions for his friends and floor mates. Lucky for Ryan, his mother was an interior design maker, and when he went home for winter break, he decided to create a product that can turn his bed into a sofa with the help of his mother. Just like many businessmen or entrepreneurs, he encountered problems from the start. The design, size, and start up sketches were one of his biggest obstacles. At the start he also did not think that this would turn into his own personal business, but when he moved back for the spring semester, he received a lot of positive feedback for having the only sofa in the residence halls. His friends and other people wanted to know where to buy one and when he explained him and his mother created it, he right there knew, he had became an entrepreneur. The first product was very large and heavy with the cotton and
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SHR 462 Final Paper - Adam Bottorff SHR 462 Fall 2011...

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