Neuropsychology Pre Exam I

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The forebrain includes the lateral ventricle and the third ventricle . The lateral ventricle includes the subdivision telecephalon which includes the areas of major interest such as the cerebral cortex (prominent in the mammalian brain), hippocampus (used for spacial and contextual memory), basal ganglia (involved with motor movements), and the amygdala (involved with emotions). The third ventricle includes subdivision diencephalon which includes the hypothalamus (involved in the neuroendocrine system; eating, drinking, sexual behavior & other motivated behaviors) and the thalamus (processes and relays sensory information, controls sleep/awakeness, controls all except olfactory system). The midbrain includes the cerebral aqueduet ventricle . Inside there includes the mesencephalon which includes the tectum (responsible for auditory and visual reflexes), tegmentum (involved in homeostatic and reflexive pathways), superior colliculi (involved in visual processing and control of eye movements),
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