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Philosophy Study Questions - Study Questions#1 Summarize...

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Study Questions #1: Summarize Aquinas’first argument, identify the assumptions that he is making and discuss the plausibility of any two of them. Note: you are NOT being asked if his is a proof by thinking alone nor the kind of God whose existence would be proved if the argument went through. - Aquinas’ first argument states that anything moving had to be set in motion and it is absurd to have an infinite chain of motion. Thus, God must exist to be the first to set things in motion. He is assuming that something that is moving had to be moved by something: however, he did not consider spontaneity and the randomness of movement. Also, why must there be a first mover? #2: Anselm's first argument for the existence of God - the one that appeals to the fool - relies on two grades of existence. Discuss what is wrong with this conception and provide a version that sidesteps the problem it creates. - God exists in the mind. God exists in reality. - This implies that existence is a great making property but imagination is not a good basis for existence. “God is that which of no greater ____ can be conceived.” What fills in the blank? No greater what? The two “Gods” must be exactly the same in order to add existence as a great making property. Saying “God exists” can be redundant while saying “God does not exist” would be a contradiction. Existence is a great making property unless it’s fiction: fiction’s novelty is not being real so in this case, existence is not a great making property. #3: "The pious actions are those that the Gods love." This might mean (a) the pious acts are pious because the gods love them or (b) the gods love the pious acts because they are pious. What are the possible problems with each option? -
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Philosophy Study Questions - Study Questions#1 Summarize...

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