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Poverty in the US Response Paper 6

Poverty in the US Response Paper 6 - Gaurav Singh 114006240...

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Gaurav Singh Poverty in the US 114006240 Response Paper 6 In The American Prospect’s article, Ron Haskins and Isabelle Sawhill present an intriguing argument that we have discussed in class this semester. Changing one’s personal behavior in conjunction with implementing government policies strives to be to be an effective strategy in reducing poverty. But the daunting task of changing people’s behavior remains to be a barrier in combating the nation’s poverty dilemma. Haskins and Sawhill present the “carrots-and-sticks” approach, where policies are applied rewarding good behavior. With this approach, the government attempts to “induce and maintain the behavior that leads to reduced poverty.” The authors argue that the history of this successful policy should guide future efforts for combating poverty for all age groups. I find it difficult to believe that these policies have been so successful in the past.
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