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Gaurav Singh Poverty in the US 114006240 Response Paper 10 Community development plays an integral role in allowing families to be lifted out of poverty. Certainly, a well-developed community is able to prosper more from various benefits than an impoverished, unorganized area. The idea of a community allows residents to work together for a common goal of bettering their lives. Local corporations and agencies play an immense role in shaping the organization and development of neighborhoods and communities. With economic and social development, the community is infused with pride and morale, which aids in their aspiration to live a healthier, educated, and comfortable life. It is safe to make the argument that corporations will invest in communities that are organized. They may view them as a safe investment towards the future, compared to an unstable, unorganized community where investment is likely to be futile. The question then is, “Who begins the relationship between a community and a business?”
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