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Gaurav Singh Poverty in the US 114006240 Response Paper 2 The adoption of a new system to effectively measure our nation’s poverty has long been needed by policymakers. This is the exact attitude that Rebecca Blank and Mark Greenberg’s Improving the Measurement of Poverty ” article embodies. By implementing a way to establish who is poor, it will allow government agencies and policymakers to get a better understanding of where economic aid is needed. Surely, both Blank and Greenberg would agree that the system to measure poverty that is used today is outdated and does not take into account a multifaceted lifestyle. The fifty year old measure of poverty is based solely on food consumption and is updated periodically only for inflation. The official poverty rate does not account for who exactly is poor or whether certain policies or programs are effective in combating poverty. This brings up the impossible and controversial question of, “Who are the poor and what constitutes a poverty stricken family or residential area?” Perhaps, one way to
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