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PovertyintheUS Response Paper4

PovertyintheUS Response Paper4 - Gaurav Singh 114006240...

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Gaurav Singh Poverty in the US 114006240 Response Paper 4 As per our class exercise on Monday (October 11), we found the immense complexities in addressing heads of single-family households with effective policies. Much of what our class had believed to be effective policies, were in fact already implemented by government officials to combat a rising number of single-family households. This matter is the very crux of poverty policy in the United States; by reducing the number of single-parent households. The seven policies our small groups devised varied from contraception education, to job placement seminars to increase the pool of marriageable men. It proved that this concern is a complex, multi-faceted issue that cannot be resolved using one particular initiative. An argument presented in chapter eight of Bradley Schiller’s “Economics of Poverty and Discrimination”, contends that larger poorer families (five or more persons) could possibly be lifted out of poverty if they had one less child. Based on calculations
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