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Unformatted text preview: Gaurav Singh Poverty in the US 114006240 Response Paper 5 The belief that a person’s education influences their social status is a fallacy. Indeed, one’s education plays a role in determining his or her economic potential, but it is certainly not the single, underlying factor. When studying poverty statistics, one must consider a gamut of different reasons as to why people live in poverty. A person’s living condition, geographical area, parental presence, work ethic and character need to be taken into account. It is surely undeniable, and proven statistic that if someone has a higher education, they usually tend to have a higher salary and better living condition. However, this is not always apparent in the modern era of poverty. I have heard through many class discussions that there are those select few, who barely finished high school, never went to college and have been successful in their lives. Of course, there are plenty of celebrities on television that have never had to struggle through college to...
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