Current Moral and Social Issues Midterm Review

Current Moral and Social Issues Midterm Review - Gaurav...

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Gaurav Singh 01:730:105:01 W11 Midterm Review Moral Relativism-view that it is possible for opposing moral judgments to be correct Situational Relativism-morality depends on features of a context/situation Cultural Relativism-people in different cultures have different moral beliefs Two ways of being wrong: 1. tensions between moral beliefs 2. false empirical belief Thomson Article-A Defense of Abortion Main Claims 1. people have a right to decide what will happen in/to their bodies 2. if the fetus is a person with a right to life, it does NOT follow that abortion is unjust 3. the right to life does not entail a right to use of somebody’s body 4. the right to life is not the right not to be killed, but rather the right not to be killed unjustly 5. Abortion is morally justified in some cases 6. Abortion can be morally justified, even if the woman consented to having sex and became pregnant Arguments for Claims 3) Violinist thought experiment (abortion in case of rape is permissible) 6) People seeds flying in air-take precautions to prevent them from entering home, but once in a while you leave window open/consensual sex leads to pregnancy Acorn vs. Oak tree CANNOT DECIDE WHEN ACORN BECOMES AN OAK TREE Sperm/egg vs. Human CANNOT DECIDE WHEN AN EGG IS A HUMAN
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01:730:105:01 W11 Midterm Review Circularity in Main claim 4 right to life is understood as right not to be killed unjustly another argument of what justice means defining rights and justice is circular Form of Thomson’s Argument 1. If it’s permissible to unplug the violinist, the it is permissible to have an abortion in a case of rape 2. It is permissible to unplug the violinist Conclusion: It is permissible to have an abortion in a case of rape Modus Ponens Rule 1. If P, then Q 2. P 3. Q Valid -premises are true, conclusion has to be Sound -if its valid and premises are true Don Marquis-Why Abortion is Immoral Main Claims 1. killing is wrong because it deprives the victim of a valuable future like ours 2. embryos can be harmed even if they lack sentience 3. the Desire Satisfaction Account is FALSE. If people do not desire to live, it is okay to kill them 4. The Discontinuation Account is FALSE Questions? 1. accidental generalizations 2. how the valuable future like ours providing a sufficient condition for the wrongness of killing makes it immune to certain objections-we do not know, can be wrong for other reasons 3. Why valuable future like ours account does not entail that contraception is immoral-doesn’t sperm/zygote being terminated miss out on valuable future experiences a. Response: No one is harmed with contraception b. therefore, contraception is not immoral c. Unless it is immoral to bring new people into the world 4. Discontinuation theory 5. Cases where beings lack valuable future 6. How do we define valuable future? 7.
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Current Moral and Social Issues Midterm Review - Gaurav...

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