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Unformatted text preview: Preeti Singh US Development Questions for First Exam, Development of the U.S. I ESSAY QUESTIONS 1. The popular stereotypes of Cavalier and Yankee had a real basis in the regional cultures of New England and the Chesapeake in the eighteenth century. Write an essay on the origins and development of these regional cultures and compare them with one another. Conclude with a brief statement about their long-term impact upon American history. 2. The simultaneous development of slavery for West Africans and freedom for white men is one of the primal events in American history. Virginians were among the most eloquent spokesmen for freedom and equality in the era of the American Revolution. George Washington led Americans in battle against British oppression. Thomas Jefferson led them in declaring independence. Virginians drafted not only the Declaration, but the Constitution and its first ten amendments as well. Virginians were elected to the presidency of the United States under the Constitution for thirty-two of the first thirty-six years of its existence. They were all slaveholders . Write an essay explaining why slavery and republican ideals of representative government developed together and even seem to have been dependent upon one another. 3. What were the causes of the American Revolution? Be sure to discuss long term demographic, social, and political changes as well as political events such as the Stamp Act. UNIVERSE OF POSSIBLE ID QUESTIONS Columbus Day Furor over Columbus Day illustrates point that history a relationship between the past and present. Columbus Day itself a recent innovation (to introduce a new process) reflecting the successful acculturation of Italian Americans and other ethnic. In 1934 President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed 12 October as Columbus Day, a national holiday. This fruition (fulfillment of hopes) of long effort by American Catholics and especially Knights of Columbus (an international Roman Catholic fraternal benefit society), lobbied state legislatures to declare October 12 a legal holiday. They desired to demonstrate social legitimacy and patriotic loyalty of Catholic immigrants. First state to observe Columbus Day was Colorado in (1907), followed by NY in (1908)- 1 - Preeti Singh US Development-First vetoed (rejected) by Governor Charles Evans Hughes but "Big Tim" Sullivan, state senator who represented the Italian district in NYC, lead to override the veto. By the end of 1909, Ill. VA CN, Cal., MA, Missouri, Michigan, NJ, and PA named 12 October a holiday. Catholic Columbianism-a well-organized nationalism that proclaimed Roman Catholic good Americans and founding of America a Catholic event. Columbian Exchange The columbian exchange is the exchange of flora (plants of an area or a period of time) and fauna (animals of an area or a period of time) between the two worlds- the old and the New World. This exchange is critical through understanding the development of the modern world system. Some of that fauna proved lethal to the indigenous people of the modern world. They are system....
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First Exam - Preeti Singh US Development Questions for...

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