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outline for final exam

outline for final exam - Impact of Slavery on America I...

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Impact of Slavery on America I would like to discuss the impact of Slavery on America in a chronological order , starting with the 17 th century and going unto the 19 th century. I). Slavery in America in the 17 th Century a) Cavalier (Chesapeake Society) Hegemonic Liberty or Herrenvolk democracy. Their liberty was depended upon the West African slaves, who worked on their plantation to make them wealthy Republican ideology. b) Primogeniture c ) South Atlantic system d) Scarcity of Labor and Flow of Indentured Servants e) The Development of Slavery in the United States f) Bacon's Rebellion (1675-1676) g) Significance of Bacon’s Rebellion h) Expansion of African slavery in the Chesapeake region i) Black Slaves were Cheaper j) Impact- This had a social impact in the Seventeenth century. Two things happened. The planter’s maintained their hegemonic liberty and the Bacon’s Rebellion created an institution of racial slavery. People with white skin were considered to have a higher social status than the Blacks. Cavaliers create the racial caste system and there is a rise in population of slaves after Bacon’s Rebellion. The Economic impact of racial slavery was that it was cheaper in the long run, due to the fact that the white indentured servants had to be given land at the end of their contract, and the Indians were dying of the diseases brought to America by the Europeans. The Black African - 1 -
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were very hardy and withstood most of the disease and they had to work as indentured servants forever. The slaves helped in the economic and social growth. The west Africans brought about social skills of rice cultivation , which was not known about it before. II) Revolution and the Constitution 1760 to 1791
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outline for final exam - Impact of Slavery on America I...

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