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Management Final Project - Lee Woods Ruth Lee William Woods...

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Lee Woods Ruth Lee William Woods Intro to Management December 9, 2011 Together we visited the nearest Fruity Yogurt on Easton Avenue in New Brunswick, New Jersey to understand first-hand the company’s business strategy and obstacles they face on a day to day basis . Though only a small business so far, Fruity Yogurt has clearly been running into small business problems that relate to topics that we have been studying . We found that a lot of them relate to their location and demographic . Being directly in Rutgers University, Fruity Yogurt’s customers include mainly college students . The small business offers a variety of different frozen yogurts and a do-it-yourself topping station which includes various fruits and candies . This business style is similar to the many franchises such as Pink Berry and Red Mango that became quite popular in the past summer . After getting our own yogurt, we spoke to Jenny, the owner and inquired about her business, business model, and any strategies she has attempted or considered . One of the significant issues that she faces has to do with the fact that she hires many college students considering the location of the shop . In order to fit their worker life into their student life, the work schedule must be very flexible to work around classes for her employees . Jenny said she expected this and said it was not a difficult obstacle to overcome during the hiring process – she just finds students that can work “around” each other on the schedule . This was a great idea; however, ineffective performers began to take advantage of the flexibility . This flexibility and privilege makes it difficult for Jenny to weed out the dedicated workers from the
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Lee Woods flakey ones . Certain employees suddenly gave her short-notice excuses in regard to school that caused her to go through a jumble of phone calls to see who could take their shift . After some time, Jenny began to notice patterns in particular employees . Of course, however, she understood that there were sometimes last minute academic emergencies or other emergencies her employees had to tend to . To ensure that she and the employee were on the same grounds, she would speak to them briefly the next shift they came in . Light-heartedly, Jenny would comment on their good work and follow up by mentioning of the abrupt day off they requested . According to DuBrin, “Confrontation is necessary whenever the employee does not readily admit to experiencing a problem” (599) . By doing a follow up, Jenny thus reestablishes the duty of the employee and fulfilling her duty as the owner which is exactly the right thing to do since both “the manager and the employee share the responsibility for solving the performance problem” (607) . She says that this usually causes the employee to plan his or her work schedule better. However, for those who do not actually have those “emergencies,” Jenny said she noticed that
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Management Final Project - Lee Woods Ruth Lee William Woods...

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