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Introduction to Social Work Agency Analysis

Introduction to Social Work Agency Analysis - used to get...

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Introduction to Social Work and Social Services Agency Analysis Title: An Agency Analysis of (Name of Agency) I. Agency Goals (Include mission statement or purpose statement if the agency has one. Tell why this agency exists. What are the major social problems addressed or the problems faced by clients? Identify the type of Agency - Public or Private. Who does the agency help? Who are the clients? How does the agency determine who gets the help? What exactly does the agency provide?) II. Agency Structure (Tell how the agency is organized. What is the agency atmosphere, that is, how did it feel to you the first time you went to the agency? How do you think it makes clients feel? What are the departments or units within the agency? What are the lines of authority, communication, accountability, and decision-making? Also include a flow chart to describe this.) III. Agency Technology (What resources, tools, methods, approaches are
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Unformatted text preview: used to get the job done? How does the agency deliver its provisions to the clients? For instance, does the agency use small support groups or in-home visitations? Does the agency provide childcare or transportation to make it easier for clients to use services?) IV. Agency Personnel (Who are the people that are hired to get the job done? What is the division of labor, that is, who is responsible for what? What are the job titles? This might also appear on the flow chart. How do employees view clients - objects, recipients, or resources?) V. Agency Funding (Where does the agency get its money from? How much and what percentage from each funding source? How is the money used to accomplish the mission of the agency? Include agency budget, if available. Otherwise, just get as much information as possible. How much money was spent in the previous year? What is the amount and percentage for each program?)...
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