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Homework Solution 7

Homework Solution 7 - Chapter 1" Ecluticn 1 A ductile...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1", Ecluticn 1 A ductile fiactrrre surface has a dull, fibrcus appearance and cften resembles a “”cup—and-ccne ccnfiguralicn. Chapter 1", Scluticn 3 A brittle fracture surface typicallyr appears shiny with flat facets which are created during cleavage fracture- Chapter 1", Scluticn 5 As the carbcn ccntent cfthe steel increases, the ductile—brittle transiticn temperature range increases in terms cfbcth the width cfthe range and the tmrperattn‘e values. Chapter T, Sclrrticn 12 In crder tc generate the required plat: 1Eve must first calculate the fiacture stress fcr values cfrr ranging flcm [12 mm tc 2-1] m using the given relaticn: s: c: = 1‘" wet-team = 24.2 MPHJEbasedchable 2.1. substituting, diff! _ 24.2 I'vIPE-Jfll _13.tiss4 MPaJE ”I 4’5 J3 This relaticn is used tc calculate andplct the fcllctving values cf fi'acture stress versus crack size. Chapter T, Sclrrticn Hi In an .SNcurve fcr a carbcn steel, the stress at failure levels cffas the number cfcycles exceeds the nflal‘s endurance limit cf apprcsimately HIE cycles- Whereas the SNcurve fer a high strength alumitcrm allcy ccntinues tc gadually decrease as the nutrber cf cycles is increased abcve 105. Chapter 1", Scluticn 12 The fcurprimaryr factcrs 1tiriliich affect the fatigue strength cfa metal are: stress ccncentraticn__ surface rcughness, surface ccnditicn and envircnrrlent. Chapter ir', Scluticn 2!} Fracture Primary creep Tertiary creep Strain. e Instantanecus cicngaticn, Efl Ti me Chapter 6, Sclrrticn 53 Grain bcundaries strengthen metals by acting as barriers tc dislccaticn mcvement. Chapter 6, Sclrlticn I52 Ccld rclling ncrruallyr decreases the ductility cfmetals because the dislctcaticn densityr cfthe metal is increased and thus further slip by dislccalicn mutant is inhibited Chapter 6, Sclrrticn Eli Sclid—scluticn strengthening is a medicd cf increasing a metal’s strength. By adding cne cr mere elenrnts, dislc-caticn maveirlaztt is impeded due tc lattice distcrticns and the intrcducticn cfdifferent bending structures. The turn primary types cf sclidscluticn strengthening arenrbsfirrrficuci and interstitial. Chapter E, Scluticn ET Twc inpcrtant factcrs that affect schiscluticn hardening are: the relative size cfthe atcms cfthe elements in the sclid scluticn and; shcrt-range crdering cf the atcms cf different atcms intc clusters- ...
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