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B & H Notes: Ch 1 & 2 - Institution of social control: an organization that persuades people, though subtle and not- so-subtle means, to abide by the dominant values of society. - Jurisdiction: a politically defined geographical area. - Misdemeanor: a less serious crime generally punishable by a fine or by incarceration in jail for not more than 1 year. - Felony: a serious offense punishable by confinement in prison for more than 1 year or by death. - Arrest: the seizing and detaining of a person by lawful authority. - Booking: the administrative recording of an arrest. Typically, the suspect’s name, the charge, and perhaps the suspect’s fingerprints or photograph are entered in the police blotter. - Initial appearance: a pretrial stage in which a defendant is brought before a lower court to be given notice of the charge(s) and advised of her or his constitutional rights. - Summary trial: an immediate trial without a jury. -
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