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HW4_Assignment_Scan - (t 3.44 3~46 3—48 3—47 ECE2030...

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Unformatted text preview: (t 3.44. 3~46. 3—48. 3—47. ECE2030 Section E,F Homework Assignment #4 Due: (Oct. 11, 2011) Chapter 3, problems #1, 3, 8, 28, 36, 44, 46, 48 Be sure that you are using the 4th edition. A majority function has an output value of it it there are more is than ()s on its inputs. The output is 0 otherwise. Design a three—input majority function. Design an excess—3w—t,<)~B(’,il’) code converter that gives output code 0000 for all invalid input combinations. Design a combinational circuit that accept a 3vbit number and generates a 6» bit binary number output equal to the square of the input number. . Design a 4»to-16~line decoder using two 3~to—8~line decoders and lo 2—input AND gates. . Derive the truth table of a decimal~to—binary priority encoder. There are 10 inputs 1, through [9 and outputs A; through A0 and V Input It, has the highest priority. A combinational circuit is defined by the following three Boolean functions: Fl : X + Z + XYZ F2: X+Z+3€YZ F3: X372+X+Z Design the circuit with a decoder and external OR gates. Implement the following Boolean function with an 8‘to~l—line multiplexer and a single inverter with variable D as its input: F(A,B, C,D) : 2m(2,4, 6,9,10,11,15) So e Problem 3—4 ising two 3uto—8-line decoders with enables, an inverter, 21 (1 OR gates with a maximum fan—in of 4. *Implement the Boolean function F(/l, B, CD) = Emtl,3,4, ll, l2, 13. 14,15) with a 4-to—l,—line multiplexer and external gates. Connect inputs A and B to the selection lines. The input requirements for the tour data lines will be a function of the variables C and D. The values of these variables are obtained by expressing F as a function of C and D for each of the four cases when AB 2 00, ()1, it), and ll. These functions must be implemented with external gates. ...
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