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See What I Mean: The Power of Visual Learning by Marcia Conner Pictures convey meaning fast, yet most content is text. Time to look at the possibilities. If you remember the Magic Eye fad then you probably recall the rush you felt when a 3D picture first popped into view. When you saw the image with your own eyes, suddenly you overcame any disbelief you’d held up until then. Learning can be like that, too. Visuals improve the learning process and quicken your ability to make connections. As Yogi Berra once said, “You can observe a lot by just watching.” Likewise, you have the opportunity to be a better educator and more refined communicator when you use the strength of graphics. We each possess separate cognitive systems for processing visual and verbal material. Our capacity for meaningful learning increases when we tap into the power of both. Even if you have no artistic flair, you can use sketches, illustrations, photographs, symbols, graphs, and diagrams. Good images don’t just decorate; they add meaning to your message. They can make a point, connect the dots, and help people learn. And when you convey your meaning quickly, you win. There are several approaches I use with clients that improve their time to meaning and their strength to inform. Informal Conversations You’ve probably chatted over lunch with a colleague when one of you pulls out a pen and begins drawing on a napkin. Then the other person says, “Yes, that’s it, and if we add…” Together you begin conversing around the sketch, modifying as you talk. The shared visual fundamentally transforms the interaction as well as your exchange. Whenever you want to turn an informal conversation into an ad hoc learning
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conner_powerpoint - See What I Mean: The Power of Visual...

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