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Environmental Multimedia Assessment (CHE 118/218) Problem Set 1 Multimedia Environmental Assessment (CHE 118/218) Problem 1 Determine the air/soil partition coefficient for benzene, Trichloroethylene (TCE) and Benzo(a)Pyrene [B(a)P] for a soil consisting of 0.5 volume fraction solids, 0.35 volume fraction of air, and 0.15 volume fraction of water. This soil is known to contain 3% (by Weight) of natural soil organic carbon (this is already included in the above solids volume fraction). Problem 2 Consider an environmental system which consists of a 10 km 2 land surface, 20 km 2 water surface. The atmospheric mixing height is 400 m and the depth of the water body in this environment is 5 m with a sediment that extends to 1 meter. In the soil compartment there is an impermeable formation at a depth of about 10 m. The properties of the soil are as in problem 1. The sediment porosity is 0.35 with 2% (by weight) organic
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Unformatted text preview: carbon. i. Given that the concentration of TCE in the atmospheric phase is 10 g/m 3 estimate the equilibrium concentrations of TCE in the water, sediment and soil compartments. ii. What is the total amount of TCE that was released to this environment. iii. Given that the average wind speed is 3 m/s, estimate the steady state source of TCE release to the atmosphere assuming a steady state TCE concentration in air of 10 g/m 3 . (note: you have to consider the atmospheric degradation rate of TCE and you may assume negligible intermedia transfers). Problem 3 Estimate the Henry's law constant for benzene and B(a)P from the solubility and vapor pressure data and compare with reported literature values (e.g., from CHEMBASE). Questions or problems regarding this web site should be directed to Professor Yoram Cohen . Copyright Yoram Cohen. All rights reserved....
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