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Test 1 Communication Any process by which one mind affects another mind Mind Any sign process Sign Nothing more than a stimulus event which directs the attention of the organism to something other than self. It makes us think of what it represents 2 kinds of signs Signals and symbols Symbols Class of signs that has 6 characteristics The 6 characteristics 1. Only human beings use symbols 2. Symbols are created by their users as substitutes of other signs 3. Symbols are mobile and flexible and occur in a variety of different frames
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Symbols are multiple in their use and meaning and they are inherently ambiguous 5. Language symbols are arbitrary and context 6. A symbol is always a part of a system of other symbols of which it is related Channel Is nothing more than a form of energy capable of carrying energy through time and space. Different kinds of channels are sound waves, light waves, and microwaves Signal Transmitted Receiver Level a – syntactic Sign to sign process because it goes from tranmitter to receiver...
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