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4 Speech Assignment[1]

4 Speech Assignment[1] - Christine Van Pelt Amanda Thursday...

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Christine Van Pelt 3/16/11 Amanda, Thursday 12:30-1:50 Why you Should Invest in ExxonMobil Subject sentence: ExxonMobil is a top company to invest in with its strong financial history in the many different aspects of the oil industry and where they are planning to go in the future. Introduction: How many of you have or had a job? It probably took long hours and hard work. How would you like to make money by doing no work at all? I can help you achieve this. Investing in stocks of successful companies has made many people very wealthy. ExxonMobil is one of these successful companies. It is definitely a top company to invest in with its strong financial background in the many different aspects of the oil industry and where they are planning to go in the future. I. ExxonMobil was founded in 1870 under the name of Exxon Corporation and merged with Mobil in1999 to become ExxonMobil. a. Today it is one of the largest publicly traded companies in the world. b. It engages in the exploration, production, transportation, and sale of crude oil and natural gas. i. At the end of 2007, they had 7744 millions of barrels of liquid proved reserves and 32610 billion of cubic feet of proved reserves of natural gas. ii. They also operated 16,797 gross wells in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia, and South America. II. This company is impressive, and I bet you are wondering how you can invest in it. a. Your first step is to get with a broker. i. Some of the online trading companies are etrade, Scottrade, and Fidelity Investment. b. Next they will set you up with an account for you to put money in to buy the stock. c. You can buy however many shares you want as long as your broker can get them for you. d. Each share is how much the stock is. i. Currently, ExxonMobil's stock is around 80 dollars, so if you wanted to buy 10,000 shares, it would cost 800,000 dollars. III. Now, you might be wondering how do you know if ExxonMobil is a good stock and there is two things to look at, what they have done in their past and what are they going to do in the future. a. One of the factors you can look at is ExxonMobil's income statement to see their growth in their earnings. i. If you go to yahoo finance, you can see their income statement (XOM Income). ii. For the end of 2008, their net income was 45 billion (XOM Income). iii. For the end of 2009, their net income was 19 billion which was probably because of the economy's down turn during that year and people not spending
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as much money on gas (XOM Income). iv. For the end of 2010, their net income was 30 billion which shows that even after a hard year, they can start coming back (XOM Income).
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