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The Requirement Who: Christopher Columbus’ Spanish explorations. Written by Juan Lopez de Palacios Rudios. Given to the Native Americans in Central America What: A document that was read aloud by the Spanish conquistadores of the early sixteenth century to native peoples in the Americas, demanding that they submit themselves to Spanish rule and to Christianity. When: 1400-1500s Where: Written in Spain. Used in Central America Why: The reason for Columbus’ Atlantic voyages was an attempt to bypass the Muslim areas and have a route that went straight to East Asia. They were trying to get this easier route to get the goods from Asia. They use the Requirement as a way of communicating and stating their claim to the land. By submitting to their rule and religion was a way the Spanish was able to get complete political control over the Native Americans. Their reasoning behind the power of the document came from their Islamic tradition. A lot of the concepts came from the concepts of jihad. The ecological changes that happened because of the Spanish establishment of colonies in
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Unformatted text preview: New World were that people of Europe and Africa settled in the New World, and animals, plants and diseases of Eurasia and the Western Hemisphere were introduced to each area in an interchange. Picture of the ships Who: Zueng He and Columbus’ Ship. The Smaller ship is Columbus’. The voyages of the Spanish and Chinese What: comparison of the ships, cargo and other treasure When: Zueng He (14 th century), Columbus (15 th century) Where: Zueng He (Muslim area and Indian Ocean), Columbus (New World and Atlantic Ocean) Why: Zueng He explored and wanted superiority acknowledged. He wanted to get more resources. Columbus explored, settled, and established claims. At first they were looking for a route that would go straight to East Asia but then the voyages used their money to invest in industries and civilization. The world powerhouse changes from the Chinese to the Europeans after Zueng He voyages start to split up....
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