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Christine Van Pelt Phi 1308-02 9/30/11 Reading Response Essay 4 1. In three separate paragraphs, explain in your own words Rachels’ three main arguments for his thesis (his conclusion). Make sure to make it as clear as possible how each argument is supposed to support Rachels’ thesis. What is each argument, and how/why is the thesis/conclusion supposed to follow from it? What Rachels is trying to do is get doctors to reconsider what they think on passive and active euthanasia. The policy of the American Medical Association that most doctors have agreed with is that the intentional action to kill the patient is contrary to what a doctor stands for. Rachels seems to think that killing someone isn’t necessarily worse than letting someone die. His first argument is that withholding treatment instead of ending the life can prolong suffering. He gives the example of a person who is dying of cancer that is in horrible pain. The patient and family want to stop treatment so he can stop suffering. The patient will then go on
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