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Reading Response Essay 6

Reading Response Essay 6 - Christine Van Pelt Philosophy...

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Christine Van Pelt 10/21/11 Philosophy 1308 Reading Response Essay 6 Thomson gives an imaginary example of being fastened to a famous violinist. She uses this thought experiment to create an argument from analogy about abortion. Exactly what is the famous violinist case supposed to show/prove in regards to abortion? How is it supposed to show/prove this? In continuing building an argument off of the statement that the “fetus is a person from the moment of conception,” Thomson says that every human has a right to life including the fetus. He goes on to say that undoubtedly a mother has the right to have a decision on what happens to her body. When deciding if a person’s right to life is more important that the mother’s right to her body, many would agree that a person’s right to life is more important. Thomson then includes an analogy of a person being fastened to a violinist. In this case, the person wakes up and finds that the violinist’s circulatory system is plugged into his. The violinist is a beloved
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