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Christine Van Pelt Phi 1308-02 9/16/11 Reading Response Essay 2 When Siegler says that confidentiality is a “decrepit concept” he means that it is an old, weak, and outdated concept. He feels as though “efforts to preserve it appear doomed to failure and often give rise to more problems than solutions.” The doctors now have a way of going around the confidentiality. Other contributing factors include the rise of health-care teams, the existence of third-party insurance programs, and the expanding limits of medicine. Siegler tells an example of a case where the patient had mild chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The patient complained to the doctor and told his to see how many people had access to his records. The doctor learned that between twenty-five and a hundred doctors, nurses, and health care administrative people in the hospital could few his records. The doctor explained to the patient
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Unformatted text preview: that the people who could view his records where there to help him and provide him care. They were “working for him.” The patient still got upset because he thought that confidentiality was only a doctor’s code of ethics and too many people could view his records. I feel as though confidentiality should be used more today and is not outdated. There are reasons that the confidentiality agreement was brought about in the first place, to protect the privacy of the patient. The patients today still want to be protected. Doctors are there to put the patient first and should always consider their desires concerning privacy and confidentiality. I think today there are too many people who are authorized to see the documents of the patient. I feel as though the only people who can see it are the patient’s nurse and doctor. Administrative people should only look on a need to know basis....
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