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1 Christine Van Pelt Dr. Hoeffner ENGL 1302 9 August 2011 Word Count: 1799 The Value in Online Classes Technology is growing and improving every day. Our generation uses the internet more than ever before. It makes since that colleges have started to have classes that are online. Students have an important decision when thinking about whether to take an online class or a traditional class. Do online courses have value for the students who take them? For students, the value in online classes is shown by the flexibility it gives the students in their schedules, the money they can save by being able to do the school work anywhere, the learning style where students can take more time on lectures, and the easy access to the professor and other students. Online classes help students with one of their most important values, time. Flexibility with time is an important reason why online classes are valuable. A great thing about online classes is students can use their time however they want. Scholars found that “students devote slightly more than 12 hours per week to studying,” meaning that many hours of student’s time is spent doing classwork (Morrison). It’s very important to students to get the most out of the busy minutes they have during the day. Students will be able to plan their study time around the rest of their day instead of having to plan their day around their class. They can either study at nighttime or in the morning. Some students have to work as well as attend classes which can be very stressful. Online classes take away the stress by allowing students to be able to learn when it is convenient for them. There are no strict schedules in online classes. “Students can complete
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2 assignments when they are ready” giving them more of a choice and relieving time crunching stress (Nudo). Many tests and quizzes have the ability of being taken a week after they are announced, so the student will be able to prepare an open spot to take the quiz or test. After they choose the time they are going to take it, they are then able to take plenty of time to review materials. The only important thing they need to remember is to be sure they complete the assignments required by the due date posted by the professor. Freedom is important to college students, and “the more time flexibility you give them, the more they are able to complete the assignments” (Parry). Student will not have to be tied down and have to go to bed and wake up for class at a certain time. During regular college classes, there is always a chance of classes being canceled. A blizzard, thunderstorm, rain, or difficulties with the professor may all make a class be canceled. This wastes time and energy that you spent getting ready for the class that you might have to repeat when the class is rescheduled. This can especially hurt students who are on a tight schedule. Online classes will never have to worry about cancelled classes. If their computer breaks down one evening, the flexibility the online classes give will help them be able
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Essay 4 ENGL 1302 Van Pelt - 1 Christine Van Pelt Dr...

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